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  • Moscow State University of Culture and Arts Department of Advertising, Advertising Specialist. 2001-2007.
  • Cheboksary Art College, Graphic Advertising Design, Graphic Advertising Designer, Drawing Educator. 1994-1998.
  • Cheboksary School of Art 1989-1994


I\'ve been drawing all my life that I remember since my childhood. In 1998 I graduated with a degree of a graphical designer. Since college graduation I have been working in advertising. For 19 years I have been designing and decorating show outward appearance, retail trade areas, shopfronts and advertising photography.

Art is inherent part of my life. I make art while I live. Creation is an air for me. I always preferred to portray flowers, birds, animals and landscapes from my travels. My works are a reflection of my life, my dreams and reality. Several times a year I participate in exhibitions in art galleries. 

I have been working at the Austin Russian School as a painting teacher since 2018. During these 2 years of work at school, I managed to work with a large number of talented students. 

I had experience working with both children and adults. The total number of students is about 100 people. Students age 3 years and older. 

I have 3 of my children. Son 13 years old, daughter 10 years old, daughter 5 years old. Therefore, I always have the opportunity to try out new activities at home with my children before offering this for your children. I am always happy to come up with something new, interesting and useful for our lessons.

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Анастасия Шиманская

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