Through signature annual events like Writing contest and Mathematical Olympiad, Russian School Online looks to connect the public to our mission of preserving and promoting the unique Slavic culture and heritage, arts and language, history and traditions through education.

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Chess online tournament

In January

Essay contest

Wow, you speak several languages!
In June

Fall leaf fall

Russian language week.
Workshops for bilingual kids of any age
In September

Mathematical Olympiad

In October

Secret Ded Moroz

Get paired with another Russian speaking bilingual kid all over the world and exchange New Year gifts
In November

Adults workshops

Pump up your erudition - set an example for children!
In February

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Извините, что отвлекаем, но у нас для вас новости. Мы сделали нескучные группы и страницы в разных социальных сетях.

Там мы публикуем советы и полезные материалы по теме билингвизма. И конечно же новости школы! А новостей у нас предостаточно ;-)

Подписывайтесь на любую, какая платформа вам больше нравится!