How it works

Terms and Conditions

  1. If you buy 1 month for any of the school classes of the 2nd grade as a gift (the first and the last lesson is free for you).
  2. Classes marked "5+2" on the school website participate in the promotion.
  3. You can register for classes that you have never attended before. 
  4. You can try up to 5 classes marked "5+2". If you did not like the first lesson and are not ready to subscribe for a month, then you can try another class.
  5. You can sign up for the promotion for all 5 classes that you try. And you will get one extra lesson for free in each of them.
  6. The promotion applies to one student, if you have three children, then everyone can try up to 5 classes.
  7. The action is valid until January 31, 2021.

What parents say about us

Очень сложно найти в США классы классического Рисунка и Живописи. Здесь просто нет такой школы как в России и Европе. Тем более нет таких классов для детей. Дети в основном занимаются копированием и раскрашиванием. Мы были очень рады обнаружить, что в этой школе есть учителя рисунка, которые могут дать ребёнку основы понятия формы, тона, построения предметов в пространстве и основы перспективы. А так же обращают внимание как работает свет и учат как создать объёмный предмет на плоской бумаге. Мы очень рады, что благодаря карантину мы получили доступ к великолепным учителям не выходя из дома. Очень удобно и понятно когда учитель показывает крупным планом как работать разными материалами, как держать руку, и как накладывать мазки.
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Questions and Answers

How many trial classes I can choose?

You can choose up to 5 classes for your child in the "5+2" campaign. However, one child may only attend one free trial lesson in each class.

What time does the lesson start?

The beginning of the lesson on the site is indicated by Central Time, Chicago. If you are in another time zone, you can use, where it is very convenient to compare the time of different time zones.

Where to see which classes I am enrolled in?

Information on which trial classes you have registered is available in your personal cabinet in your Inbox
If you have selected several classes when sending a request, the information will be grouped into one message. If you have filled in a request form several times, the information will be in separate requests.

Where can I look for a link to a class?

A link to a class Zoom conference, an identification number and a password for all the classes you choose will be available in your personal cabinet in your Inbox. You will also receive an email with registration confirmation and login details to your email address.

How will the lesson go?

In a single lesson you can not only learn a lot of new and interesting things, but also to understand if this lesson is suitable for your child. You will get acquainted with the teacher and his methods of teaching, because much depends on it. 
Choose any class that may be of interest to your child, and you will get the maximum idea of the large number of classes in our school.

Can the trial lesson be postponed to another time?

Unfortunately,  the trial lesson can not be postponed to another time. However, you can write us a message and specify what time is right for you. We will consider opening a class at a convenient time for you.

I liked the lesson! How do I sign up for a class?

To sign up for a class, go to the class directory, find the class you are interested in and send a request for registration. You can use filters by age and category or enter the name of the class you like in the "Class name" field.

Why create an account on the site?

It gives you the opportunity to see all your requests for classrooms and to correspond with teachers in one place. And also get the latest information and news from our school. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.