Meet the Team

Veronika Grebennikova

Volunteer Officer

I'm all about education. I myself have masters in Russian language and literature, degree in Publishing, and certificate in User Experience Design. And I'm looking for another program to start in the near future. I believe that  education can change the world for the better so my goal is to make education fun and available for everyone.

Julia Sapunkova

Marketing Officer

I love learning new things and I believe that everything impossible is possible!
I like when people have a choice, make their own schedules and plans. Our online school in Russian has been created for this! In our team I do my favorite thing: development, so that more parents and more teachers learn about our school.

Dennis Lastochkin

Technology Officer

Along with his team, who perform technical wizardry on a daily basis, Dennis comes with a vast amount of technical expertise, passion for knowledge and love for teaching. This ensures smooth operation, maximum uptime, and the best overall experience possible for teachers and students.

Dennis is also the founder of Structured Domains, a marketplace development platform upon which Russian School Online is built.

He is an avid cyclist, hiker, bikepacker, adventurer, member of Austin Russian Theater and founder of Night Owls Racing.